The difference

Top 10 reasons why we're SURE you'll get huge value out of this group (if you qualify to attend...)

  • Every professional in the room represents a business that has LAW FIRMS and LAWYERS as their main target market! So a “coffee meeting” with one of the other members is a GUARANTEED match for potential referrals and great relationship BOTH WAYS.
  • We only accept visitors that are invited by other members. This assures you that it’s not enough to just have a “pulse” to qualify as a member.
  • We require professional attire for both men and women members of our group. We believe that jeans and flip flops don’t belong in business meetings such as ours.
  • We don’t require certain amount of leads, referrals or visitors. We know that leads and referrals might take time to give and get, and we don’t believe in forcing them… It’s quality that we’re looking for… not quantity…
  • Although we believe that consistent attendance is the key to great relationship in a leads group- we don’t force “minimum attendance” or subs.
  • We don’t encourage competition in the meetings. We might have 4 staffing agencies (for example) who are members of our group, but only the first one of them who RSVP'd to the meeting can attend a meeting.
  • We schedule an education session in most meetings (no… not a “featured speaker” that will sell you their stuff for the next 10 minutes…)
  • We don’t charge outrageous membership fees and meeting fees. We’ve priced the membership in a way that can help us cover expenses, and have funds for marketing and exposure improvements for the members, great speakers and comfortable meeting spaces.